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PATRON - Photo Umbrella

Photo Umbrella
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Items Include:

  • Carrying case
  • Shoudler strap
  • Backpack mount
  • Cover
The Patron Umbrella from Novoflex has multiple uses for the photographer working in the field. Not only has it been designed as a rain or sun shield, but with its optional 29.5 x 29.5" reflection foils, the Patron can be used as a traditional 44.9" photo umbrella. The outside surface is silver that also works as a reflector. In addition, when the Patron is turned inside out, it can serve as an emergency 8-legged camera stand or tripod capable of supporting mirrorless or compact cameras. The Patron has a 30.7 to 45.7" telescopic shaft with a 1/4-20 mount for a ball head that turns it into a monopod. The shaft is also usable as an extension arm for high-angled photography or as a way to shoot over barriers or when you're in the middle of a crowd. When working outdoors and mounted to a tripod with its optional accessory, the Patron works as a UV coated protective shield with a 50+ sunscreen factor that allows you to work handsfree while you and your gear are protected from heat and moisture. It's also portable since it includes a carrying case, shoulder strap and backpack mounts.


Multi-purpose UV Umbrella, hands-free shooting, relector, monopod, case/strap, backpack mounts, UV-factor 50+,Wt: 1.18 lbs. Available tent: rain/blind/changing


Length0.9 in (0.41 cm)
Dimensions30.7x2 in (78x5 cm)