CB2 - ClassicBall 2

Cat # CB2
Precision Engineered Ball Heads and Quick Release Bases and Plates

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The ClassicBall 2 Ball Head from Novoflex acts both as a standard ball head, and also a leveling panorama panning base. To make use of the panning base the ball head is mounted upside down so that the mounting base can be leveled using the ball, ensuring properly aligned panoramic images, confirmed by the built-in bubble level. The ClassicBall 2 can hold up to 11 lb, stands 3.3" high, and weighs 11.1 oz. A matte titanium finish and an all-metal design blend form and function, and three 90° notches add to the versatility of the ball head, allowing the camera to tilt 180°. Advanced Friction Control allows you to adjust the amount of tension on the ball by turning a center ring on the ball head. The grease-free ball locks securely into place, with no shift in placement once locked down.


ClassicBall 2 Ballhead, Load 11 lbs., Ht: 3.3", Wt: 11 oz., 360° Panning Base, Friction Control, 3-90° Notches, Level, Turn upside down for Panorama function.


Length1 in (0.45 cm)
Dimensions7.9x3.9 in (20x10 cm)
Diameter1.3 in (3.3 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard)Limited 2-Year Warranty
Load Capacity11 lb