Q=BASE Quick release (ARCA compatible)

Precision Engineered Ball Heads and Quick Release Bases and Plates
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Automatic, fast & secure - ARCA-compatible!
The concept was designed for easy handling and compact design. The Q=BASE-II allows a one-click automatic and secure attachment of the inserted plate, the final clamping is done manually with a single handle on the locking ring.

Special emphasis has been put on easy handling and a more compact and lightweight design. The weight of the new model has been reduced to 120g (0.3lbs), compared to the 265g (0.6lbs) of the previous model. This feature will make the new Q=BASE II even more valuable to owners of compact camera systems.

This successful combination of automatic basic function and manual detection gives the user optimal control over the security of their valuable camera. In addition, a "Safety Pin" prevents inadvertent slipping in any possible direction.

While it is possible to use the ARCA-compatible coupling plates of many other manufacturers, the safety pin function is only available in conjunction with original NOVOFLEX Q=PLATEs.


Weight0.3 lb
Dimensions3.15 in
Tripod Connection 1/4 "and 3/8"