Q-MOUNT-DC - Double Cross-Clamping Quick Release Base without Plate

Precision Engineered Ball Heads and Quick Release Bases and Plates
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The Novoflex Q=Mount DC Quick-Release Base is designed to facilitate optimal adjustments of the camera, and is optimized for use on the Novoflex Multi Media Rack system (it can also be combined with the rail system from Novoflex). The direction and the clamping of the Q=Mount DC are arranged at an angle of 90° to the holder. This manual QR adapter has a safety pin (works with Novoflex plates only) that keeps the plates from slipping, as well as a double thread that will tighten the unit securely in a fraction of a turn. A quick release plate is not included with this base.


Q-MOUNT-DC Round Double Arca-Style Quick Release Adapters, in the opposite or cross direction, on the top/bottom with tightening knob (Sold without Arca-Style QR Plate). * Double-sided quick-release base * Direction of base is 90° to holder


Length0.3 in (0.12 cm)
Dimensions3x3 in (7.62x7.62 cm)
Diameter0.8 in (2.03 cm)