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EOSM/T2 - T2 to EOS M Body

Cat # EOSM/T2
Lens Adapters for Lenses and Cameras
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The Adapter for T2 Mount Lens to Canon EOS M Cameras from Novoflex allows you to use T2 mount lenses on Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras. This will provide you with a broad range of focal length and lens type options to use on your Canon mirrorless camera. This is a completely manual adapter: no electronic information passes from lens to camera, and manual focusing is required. Using the camera's aperture priority mode for exposure metering is suggested.


Lens Adapter T2 to EOSM cameras


Length0.3 in (0.14 cm)
Dimensions2.4x2.4 in (6.1x6.1 cm)
Diameter1.7 in (4.2 cm)