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LEM/OM - Olympus Lenses to Leica M Body

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Lens Adapters for Lenses and Cameras
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The Novoflex LEM/OM Lens Mount Adapter allows a lens with the Olympus OM mount to be mounted onto a Leica M type camera body. Novoflex offers adapters which permit the use of lenses from other manufacturers on various cameras. All adapters retain the lens' ability to focus on infinity. None of the adapters transmit any functions between body and lens. Most cameras allow metering with the diaphragm stopped down or provide aperture priority automatic exposure.


Lens Adapter Olympus lenses to Leica M


Length0.1 in (0.05 cm)
Dimensions2.4x2.4 in (6x6 cm)
Diameter1 in (2.5 cm)