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LEMA - Bellows and Lens Adapter for Leica-M cameras to NOVOFLEX A-Mount

Cat # LEMA
Bellows Units and Adapters for Lenses and Cameras

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Items Include:

  • Rear Cap
  • The Novoflex Short Lens Adapter for Novoflex A Mount to Leica M-Mount Camera allows you to mount a Novoflex A-mount universal bellows unit to a Leica M-Mount camera. This adapter features a short design since a longer adapter will simply act as an extension tube when used with a bellows unit, and this will help keep the system more compact and usable. It will not focus to infinity or transfer lens functions.


    Bellows/Lens Adapter Leica-M cameras to NOVOFLEX A-Mount


    Length0.1 in (0.07 cm)
    Dimensions2.2x2.2 in (5.7x5.7 cm)
    Diameter1.5 in (3.7 cm)