For Micro Four Thirds Cameras

MFTA - Bellows and Lens Adapter for Micro Four Thirds Body to A-Mount

Cat # MFTA
Bellows Units and Adapters for Lenses and Cameras

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The Adapter for Novoflex A Mount Lenses to Micro Four Thirds Mount Camera from Novoflex makes it possible to mount a Novoflex A mount lens to a Micro Four Thirds Mount Digital Camera. This precision mechanical adapter does not transfer functions from the camera to the lens, such as automatic focus, however automatic exposure metering in aperture priority and stop-down metering is possible. The lens will focus to infinity using this adapter.


Bellows/Lens Adapter for MicroFourThirds cameras to NOVOFLEX A-Mount


Length0.2 in (0.1 cm)
Dimensions2.2x2.2 in (5.5x5.5 cm)
Diameter1.2 in (3 cm)