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NEX-RETRO Reverse adapter for Sony E-Mount w/Electronic Control

Reverse adapter allows Sony E-Mount lenses to be reverse mounted for macro applications with full electronic control

See video below.

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This adapter allows you to reverse mount your Sony E-mount lens to your Sony E-mount camera facilitating macro funcionality with any lens. Transmission of functions between body and lens are retained! Also allows the use of Sony E-mount cameras with the NOVOFLEX bellows systems. For CASTBAL T/S add NOVOFLEX UNI/RETRO and RETRO/UNI. For BALPRO1 and BALPRO T/W add NOVOFLEX PRO/RETRO and RETRO/PRO. Transmission of functions between body and lens are retained!


  • Reverse electronic Macro Adapter for Sony E-mount cameras and lenses
  • Retains complete electronic functionality between Sony E-mount lenses and bodies
  • Allows reverse mounting of Sony E-mount lenses for close focus macro applications
  • Use with UNI/RETRO and RETRO/UNI with CASTBAL T/S
  • Use with PRO/RETRO and RETRO/PRO with BALPRO 1 and BALPRO T/S


Warranty Duration (Standard)Limited 2-Year Warranty