Bellows Adapters

BALPRO-1 - Universal Bellows without Adapters for Medium Format

Cat # BALPRO-1
Bellows Units and Adapters for Lenses and Cameras

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A universal bellows unit, the BALPRO 1 Universal Bellows from Novoflex allows the use of most medium format cameras 6x7 cm and smaller (only with focal-plane shutters) as well as most 35mm system cameras(digital OR film). The BALPRO1 features a long Arca-type quick release base that fits into any Arca-type quick release mechanism, and three 1/4-20" & 3/8"-16 threads upon the base.


Universal Bellows for most Medium Format 6x7cm and smaller cameras (Requires lens & camera adapters)


Length1.3 in (0.61 cm)
Dimensions7.9x4.8 in (20x12.3 cm)
Diameter6 in (15.3 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard)1-Year Warranty