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EOS-RETRO - Reverse Adapter for Canon EOS Lenses

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This adapter opens the world of extreme close-up photography to users of Canon EOS cameras with wide angle or zoom lenses. The lens is mounted on the adapter in reverse position, ensuring outstanding quality of the resulting photographs. The adapter transmits all lens information to the camera body. Using a Canon EOS zoom lens with a focal length of 28-105 in reverse position, allows the user to take photographs with magnification ratios of 1:7 at the 105mm end to 2.8:1 at the 28mm setting. No prime macro lens is capable of matching this range. The adapter is supplied with 58mm threads.


Reverse electronic Macro Adapter for Canon EOS cameras and lenses


Length0.4 in (0.16 cm)
Dimensions11.2x2.6 in (28.5x6.5 cm)