MST-30 - MagicStudio 30cm Translucent Plate

Cat # MST-30
Magic Studio Table Top System
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This is a micro-sized shooting table so simple in its design, its ingenious. It consists of a 24 x 12" sheet of white tanslucent Plexiglas, and two bead-stop window draw pull-strings. Pull the strings through the holes in the Plexiglas until the desired sweep, or scoop is obtained. Set it down on any opaque tabletop, and you have a seamless background for a small setup of jewelry, models, or collectibles. Or, set it up on a glass tabletop, and light your subject from below, or behind, for dramatic effects.


MagicStudio T-30, 23.6×11.8" Translucent Wht. Flexible Plexiglass f/table top shooting, light wt., mobile, Wt: 0.55 lbs., Max. area 8.7 × 8.7" Accessory: MS-ARM


Length0.6 in (0.25 cm)
Maximum Usable Area8.7 × 8.7" in