Multimedia Rig Systems

MMR-BLUEBIRD - Multi-Media DSLR Video Rig System

Multimedia Camera Support System
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Items Include:

  • 2 Handgrips
  • Integrated chest support
  • High-quality bag
The Novoflex Multi-Media-Rack BlueBird Kit is a modular support rig for a video DSLR camera. With dual handgrips and a chest support that shifts the weight of the camera system closer to the core of your body, the BlueBird provides sturdy support for any DSLR camera that's being used to capture video over the course of long production days. What makes the BlueBird kit unique is the MagicBall joint. This joint, which connects the chest-support assembly (a modified Pistock-C arm) to the camera plate, enables camera movements that are not possible with typical DSLR shoulder support rigs. Now you can horizontally swivel the camera using the included handgrips, or tilt vertically up or down for capturing shots from unique angles. Everything mounts via the BlueBird's Arca-compatible double-sided rails. A Q-Mount DC serves as the quick-release for the camera. The modular BlueBird kit can be combined with other new Multi-Media-Rack systems from Novoflex, such as the Pistock-Q, to add a second chest or shoulder support, and the uFly, a steady-fly kit for video DSLRs. You can easily attach to the BlueBird kit accessories such as external monitors and microphones by using Arca-compatible mounts.


Component based Video Rig for DSLR's. 2 handgrips, chest support, central joint system (horizontal swiveling w/vertical camera movement) w/Case. Wt. 4.4 lbs. * Camera Support for DSLR Video Shooting * Arca-Compatible Rails & Plates * Chest Support with Neck Strap * Dual Handgrips * MagicBall Joint for Unique Camera Angles


Length4.4 in (2 cm)
Dimensions13.8x18.1 in (35x46 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard)1 Year Warranty