VR-SYSTEM-II - Panorama VR-System II

Panorama System
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Items Include:

  • Panorama Base Panorama=Q
  • Focusing Rack Castel Q (Length: 20 cm)
  • L-Bracket QPL-Vertikal
  • Spirit Level for Flash Shoe
  • PanoramaStudio Software
  • Instruction Manual on CD
The Novoflex Panorama VR-System II is a user-friendly system for creating classic, single-row cylindrical or flat panorama photos to combine several images from a digital or 35mm camera into one breathtaking photo with up to 360° of view. For a 360° photo without perspective offset, it's necessary to position your camera so that the axis of rotation passes through the nodal point of your lens (instructional manual on CD included). The Panorama VR-System II gives you the adjustment and rotational elements required for panoramas with a field of view up to 360° horizontally and 120° vertically, depending on the camera and lenses used. Recommended for this system are wide-angle lenses with a minimum 10 mm focal length, up to telephotos at 135 mm. This system includes a quick-release dovetail clamp, a panorama base (Panorama=Q), a focusing rack, an L-bracket, a spirit level for flash shoe, and a manual on CD. This simple and well-designed system is perfect for the photographer who prefers the classic, single row cylindrical or flat panorama and is particularly appealing for nature photographers doing macro and landscape photography, as well as panoramas.


Single row panorama system: PANORAMA=Q,CASTEL-Q,QPL-VERTIKAL,bubble level, SOFTWARE PS2,PanoramaStudio 2 Standard stitching software,level,allen key,user manual


Length2.1 in (0.95 cm)