QPL-VR-SLANT - VR-SLANT Kit for Panorama Plates

Panorama System
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The VR-System Slant Grip With Q-Mount from Novoflex is designed to produce complete spherical panoramas quickly and easily, using fisheye lenses with a diagonal image angle of 180°. The camera sits on the panorama system mount horizontally at an angle of 60° (it can also be tilted vertically at up to 15°). With a slanted camera position, you can complete impressive spherical panoramas with only three or four overlapping exposures. It's even simple to make these photographs using a monopod. The VR-System Slant is ideal for producing high-grade spherical panoramas quickly and efficiently for Internet applications such as virtual tours. This Grip with Q-Mount is designed for use with the Novoflex panorama systems VR-PRO, VR-PRO II, and VR-6/8.


Panorama Bracket/Grip w/Q-MOUNT QR Adapter & QPL-PANORAMA (7.1" x 1.65" Panorama Arca-Style Calibrated Plate with large anti-twist pins. Wt. 6 oz.) attached.


Length1.3 in (0.58 cm)
Dimensions6.1x6.9 in (15.5x17.5 cm)
Diameter3 in (7.5 cm)