QLEG-A1010-M-X4 - QuadroLeg Mini Kit - 4pc

Cat # QLEG-A1010-M-X4
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The Novoflex QuadroPod Mini Tripod Legs (Set of Four) is a set of four camera support mini legs designed for the ambitious new Novoflex camera support system, which features four legs rather than the usual three, and a separate base (3 different bases are available separately) which accepts a tripod head (available separately). These aluminum mini legs attach to the base of your choice to create an extremely stable camera support with a working height from 2.8" to 10.2" (7 cm to 26 cm). Legs which provide a working height from 3.9" to 61" (10 cm to 155 cm)--3- or 4-section carbon fiber and 3- or 4-section aluminum--are available separately. Four legs provide increased stability and support for your camera and additional support accessories like suction mounts, clamps and spikes are available separately. And if you get nostalgic for the old tripod, one of the (optional) bases will even accept either three legs or four legs.


4x Mini Quadro Leg


Length2.4 in (1.1 cm)