TrioPod PRO75

Tripod base "PRO" w. 4-section carbon fibre legs, 2 Mini legs, bag and Multitool

Cat # TRIOPROC3940
Precision Engineered Tripods and Accessories

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Items Include:

TrioPod PRO75 tripod spider, (3x) C3940 4-segment carbon fiber legs, (2x) A1010 mini-legs, a tripod bag and multi-tool.
This TrioPod PRO75 Kit is the most versatile and flexible professional tripod system designed especially for the photographer with very heavy equipment. The kit includes a TrioPod PRO75 tripod spider, (3x) C3940 4-segment carbon fiber legs, (2x) A1010 mini-legs, a multi-tool and a tripod bag. The two mini-legs that are part of the kits can be screwed into the accessory thread creating limitless possibilities: Add one leg to smooth your workflow by attaching your camera bag, keeping your tripod weighted and giving you quick access to your equipment. Alternatively, replace two legs to create a “leaning pod” and achieve a new variety of creative perspectives for your boundless imagination.


* Maximum Load Capacity – 143 lbs/65 kg Maximum holding capacity for maximum protection. * Removable Base Plate A new feature of the tripod spider is the removable base plate that easily be detached and replaced with the optional leveling ball (MBAL-PRO75) or a geared center column (TRIO-CC-PRO75). * Unmatched Versatility To build your tripod to meet the needs of any job the PRO75 can fit most 75mm accessories, even from other manufacturers. The optional leveling ball (MBAL-PRO75) can also be used with any other tripod you may have with a ¼” & 3/8” connection. * 7 Leg Lock Positions for Any Situation For shoots on level surfaces, the TrioPod PRO75 spider allows the legs to be set at 23°, 45°, 65°, and 87°. Should you find yourself in a more confined space, a further locking position of 155° enables you to support the tripod against vertical surfaces. Particularly innovative is a new 43° angle that allows the tripod to flip upside down quickly for ground-level work, eliminating the need to reverse the center column and/or tripod head. For easy packaging, the legs can also be folded up at 180°.


Length34.6 in (88 cm)
Dimensions6.1x5.7 in (15.5x14.5 cm)
Weight8.35 lb (3.79 kg)
Load Capacity143 lb