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SP-STATIV - Suction Cup Kit

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Items Include:

  • Suction Cup Camera Mount (SP)
  • Ball Head (BALL 19)
The Novoflex Suction Cup With Ball Head is designed for mounting a camera over any flat plane surface, like a sheet of glass. The suction cup attaches directly and securely to the surface. The ball head is mounted on the suction cup's 1/4" thread screw, and a camera (up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg) in weight) can be mounted on the ball head, giving you maximum flexibility in placing and aiming the camera.


Suction Cup with additional suction lock, BALL-19 mini ballhead with 1/4” thread is ideal for mounting a camera and other accessories securely and safely on any flat surface (example: glass, plexiglass, dashboard)up w/ BALL19